Romagraphic is a new multimedia interactive project exploring what it means to be Romani in the 21st Century. For both the Traveller Gypsy archetype and for those living a lifestyle deems to be less traditional.

Why is it that people of Romani descent on average have the lowest standard of living, lowest life expectancy, lowest literacy and numeracy rates – globally compared to their non-Romani peers.

This is not an exclusively Romani project we want to hear from everyone, it doesn’t matter if you have never even heard of a Romani before we want your input.

Although this project will be focusing primarily on the life experiences of Romanies we are very inclusive of Travellers from non-Romani background. In countries such as the UK where this project is based Romani, Gypsies and Travellers have become a single group and even if we wanted to separate them it would be neigh-on impossible, as it so happens the experiences we have all shared are relevant to the struggles we face.

Each week we will be posing a question, collecting interviews and investigating.


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