A New Craft?

6a01156f47abbe970c01675ed971ce970b-800wiI have always been artsy, I love drawing and painting, and taking photographs (probably a good thing considering my profession) but I’ve never really done any crafts. My brother is amazing at carpentry, woodwork, carving, glass staining, barge & horseshoe painting, virtually anything he cares to turn his hand to but I have never really been encouraged to pursue any craft activities. My mother never wanted me to waste the materials or make a mess, I never had a suitable ‘space’.

Yet I have been thinking lately, I really want to start making my own clothes and turning my hand to embroidery. In my second year at university (3 years ago) I borrowed my mother’s sewing machine and never used it, mainly because I did not have any suitable thread and for whatever reason was unable to replace what little I had. One failed attempted perhaps but the interest keeps on recurring.


I really like the costumes made for TV, I also really like the costumes designed for video games. Earlier I discovered a costume designer called Michele Carragher who did the costumes for Game of Thrones, I utterly adore her work and would love to recreate a similar sort of style.

249039_10151798139710948_1161367079_nThe only real problem being that I have never done a project like this before, it will all be new to me and although it takes a lot to put me off a project perhaps it would be better to start with a smaller project and work my way up from there, a nice pillow case perhaps?

Last year when I was working in a vintage charity boutique a pair of beautifully embroidered patchwork pillow cases were donated to us, they were the most beautiful thing. I utterly adored them but employee policy meant that I wasn’t allowed to buy them myself but… I think I might make a set. =]



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